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April 25 2017

Colimatic is proud to announce that another thermoforming machine has successfully passed the FAT and is ready to be installed at our loyal customer Applied Medical plant.

Colimatic THERA 650

Colimatic THERA 650


March 2 2017

HealthPack 21017: The Industry Conference that analyzes trends in Medical Device Packaging.

HealthPack 2017, Colimatic Booth & Larry


Colimatic USA is a proud exhibitor at the HelthPack 2017 Conference on March 7-9 in Denver, CO.

HealthPack provides the critical information you can put to immediate use on your packaging team. As a peer-to-peer education and networking event for medical device packaging professionals, you’ll learn essential information and updates about industry breakthroughs—from regulatory and testing issues to materials advances and case studies.

HealthPack is designed for medical device packaging decision-makers, from directors to managers to package engineers and R&D team members. The conference program is developed with the assistance of an advisory committee of veteran professionals working in all corners of the industry. HealthPack also includes a tour or pre-conference interactive session, a tabletop exhibit hall and plenty of networking time.

Be sure to visit Colimatic at Booth #13!



Conference Program:

More info at:


February 16 2017

Ensuring Success When Buying FFS – Best Practice Criteria


Credit to Matthew S. Lapham, President, Packaging Compliance Labs


Purchasing a Form Fill Seal machine is a big investment that requires planning and preparation. It can be an overwhelming task to prepare an itemized list for the different steps in the buying process from RFQs, to drawings, automation, FAT and acceptance tests.

To ensure success when buying FFS packaging machine Ryan Erickson, VP Packaging Engineering at Packaging Compliance labs, has developed a master plan for best practice criteria that can help with the process.

First step in the buying process of a Form Fill Seal machine is the consideration of the different vendors. To get the most qualified quotes from your vendors Ryan prepared a list of essential information that a buyer should have in hand when asking for a quote from vendors.

West Pack Colimatic Seminar


February 1 2017

Register for Free (3)


As our Guest, we’re offering you a Complimentary Exhibit Hall registration!

Be sure to visit Colimatic at BOOTH #5315 during the show to enter a drawing for an iPad Mini,  refresh with a complimentary bottle of water,  and learn about the latest trends in the packaging industry.

On display will be a Colimatic horizontal form-fill-seal rollstock packaging machine THERA 650 and  we will have our top product experts on hand  to answer all your questions.

In addition, Colimatic is pleased to invite you to attend our SEMINAR about “Ensuring Success When Buying FFS – Best Practice Criteria” to be held on Feb. 7-8 at 2 PM at our Booth #5315.

                        We look forward to welcoming you to Anaheim!

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January 30 2017

Visit us at MD&M West / West Pack 2017 February 7-9, 2017


Be sure to visit Colimatic at BOOTH #5315 during the show to learn about the latest trends in the packaging industry.

On display will be a Colimatic horizontal form-fill-seal rollstock packaging machine THERA 650 and we will have our top product experts on hand to answer all your questions.

In addition, Colimatic USA is pleased to invite you to attend our Seminar about “Ensuring Success When Buying FFS – Best Practice Criteria” to be held on Feb. 7-8 at 2 PM at our Booth #5315.



 Read more about the topic:

We look forward to welcoming you to Anaheim!

January 20 2017

Debating whether to attend MD&M West / West Pack 2017?


Attend West Pack 2017

Attend West Pack 2017


Still debating whether to attend West Pack 2017?  Read this analysis of a survey done by Skyline and Expo Magazine on The Value of Trade Shows, and you might be convinced it’s a good decision.


January 11 2017

Food Packaging Market: Increase in Demand for Packaged and Hygienic Food


Rising knowledge among consumers and constant innovation in technology is fueling demand for packaging that is hygienic, functional, and visually-appealing. Packaging has become from just an outer covering to an integral part of marketing and product safety.

Today, the packaging industry is facing the preferences of the ‘on-the-go’ consumer, for whom effective and functional packaging is crucial.

Stricter food safety regulations have led manufacturers to focus on keeping the product fresh for a longer time and on offering natural and organic food. As the demand for food has changed, so has the packaging of these goods.


Colimatic packaging solutions

Colimatic food packaging solutions



January 5 2017

Are You Planning to Visit MD&M West / West Pack 2017?


The MD&M West / West Pack 2017 lasts three days, from Feb 7th to Feb 9th, 2017 in Anaheim, California. The show connects more than 20,000 engineers and executives from all around the world with hundreds of leading suppliers from the packaging industry that exhibit their new and cutting-edge technologies.

A key focus will be on the smart manufacturing of technology and robotics.


Free Lectures


There will be many free lectures on the central stage of the trade show. Some of them are particularly interesting, i.e. a lecture by Jill Martin from The Dow Chemical Company about how the company successfully made recyclable standup flexible packaging possible ( Read more at

Another topic of interest that will be discussed at West Pack 2017 is by Andrea Olson, MSC, a 4-time ADDY™ award-winner and founder/CEO of Prag’madik, a marketing and communications strategic consulting firm.
Andrea will talk about effective p
roduct differentiation in a commoditization-based marketplace (

Further free lecture topics will be: Trends in 3D Printed Materials, Innovation in Medical Plastics, and much more. 

For the complete schedule of the West Pack 2017 conference, please click the link below:


Walking Tour


If you would like to get a quick glimpse of the “hottest” innovations presented at the show, you can join a one hour tour.  The tour is led by a professional guide that will explain to you all the main robotics and sensor solutions and packaging innovations. 


Paid Education


Lastly, if you would like to make this an educational and engaging visit, you can join a paid session and learn more about robotics and smart manufacturing. Topics that will be covered are the limitation of robotics, safety and new technologies in industrial robotics. 


Colimatic USA Lecture Series


Also, don’t forget that we will have our own “in booth” short lecture series. Stay tuned for our topic and speaker list. Our Booth number is 5315.


We’re looking forward to meeting you in Anaheim, California at MD&M West / West Pack, February 7-9, 2017!



dr-chris-wang giving lecture at Colimatic USA booth at Pack Expo Chicago 2016

Pack Expo Chicago 2016 Colimatic USA Lecture Series

Visit West Pack Site for more info

December 14 2016

How to Achieve Medical Device Packaging Cost Effectiveness


Achieving medical device packaging cost effectiveness seems like a challenging task. On one hand the package needs to meet compliance and regulations and therefore should be sturdy, safe and easy to use. On the other hand, the market demand for affordability and sustainability requires medical devices companies to design affordable and environmentally friendly packages.

Additionally, with the rise of one time use, and disposable, medical devices products,  the demand for cost effective and sustainable solution is growing even more.

Consequently, packaging medical devices  with automatic packaging machines like Form Fill Seal machines can be a good solution to help reduce the cost of packaging. Despite the initial high capital investment, Introducing automation can carry many benefits to manufacturers. Automation increase speed, reduces labor cost, improves accuracy, and potentially can run round the clock.

Furthermore,  automatic packaging machines can be tested for compliance and regulations in a process called “validation”. This process validates package uniformity and safety, and check for implementation of current regulations. Manual packaging can’t be validated to the level of automatic machines, since human error factor will always be part of a manual process.

Finally, to achieve speed, accuracy, and regulatory requirements, automatic packaging machine can be equipped with automation solutions. Examples for typical automation systems installed on a thermoformer are: digital printers, pick and place systems, vision system, metal detectors, and weighers.



December 12 2016

Advantages of Flexible Packaging in The Food Industry


Flexible packaging is one of the fastest segments in the food packaging industry. It is composed of a broad range of material options from plastic, to film, paper and aluminum. There are many advantages of flexible packaging in the food industry. For one, flexible packaging provides versatile protective layer, while using minimum material.

Leading the way in packaging innovation, flexible packages add value and marketability to food products. The advantages of flexible packaging also include ensuring food safety, extending shelf life, providing even heating, ease of use, resealability and printability.

Flexible packaging also has many sustainable advantages. Innovation and technology have contributed to increase the use of thermoforming machines that utilize less energy and water. Thus, the process of forming the flexible packages has become more sustainable.  In addition, since flexible packages weigh less then rigid packages, transporting the packaged goods requires less energy, leading to reduction in environmental pollution.


Colimatic flexible packaging

Colimatic flexible packaging