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TDF 1650
commercial-automated-tray-sealing-packer-modified-atmosphere-equipment-shelf-life-extending-in-southern-california TDF 1650
TDF 1650

Commercial automated tray sealing packer modified atmosphere equipment shelf life extending in Southern California. High performance, automatic, tray sealing machine for modified atmosphere packaging products in a wide variety of plastic, cardboard and aluminum foil pre-formed trays.  Equipped with top reel for heat-sealable film or reclosing lid applicator that eliminate leakage and allows excellent product presentation.  Extending shelf life for fresh products and used in many applications for refrigerated and frozen products. The TDF 1650 traysealer is designed for high production needs and to be integrated with inline process automation solutions.


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  • Technical Data
  • Modern computerized and programmable features-
    • Touch screen control panel display -equipped with digital, programmable touch screen, this feature allows the operator a complete control over the operation of the machine
    • Un-limited configurations- easy to move between different configurations to allow specific packaging requirement for different products (Up to 10 memorized receipts)
    • Multi-language support- allowing multi-language selections in all kind of characters
    • Access protection with permission levels- allows up to 3 permission levels with option for more if desire.
    • Cycle counter built into standard PLC settings
  • Flexible in usage –
    • Allow wide variety of trays and film- TDF1650 is designed to accept wide variety of trays and film including plastic, cardboard and aluminum foil
    • Allow different packaging sizes- our top notch design enable users to quickly and easily package different products, thus allowing flexibility and higher utilization of our equipment
    • Modular- TDF 1650 traysealer can be equipped with many different accessories according to your specific need such as: labeler, printer, chiller, vacuum pump, automated feeding, different cutting systems, etc
    • Can be integrated with automated packaging lines and allow a wide variety of potential packaging materials give examples
    • Built to last for years to come with top performance and integrity- with its stainless steel frame and closed profile, TDF 1650 traysealer rigid structure is designed to withstand harsh food production conditions, while consistently providing perfect results in both sealing and cutting your packages
  • User friendly and safe to use-
    • Changing configurations from one product to another- changing configurations between products is done with a touch of a button on the touch screen
    • Replacing molds and die- thanks to easy access, and modular design by Colimatic, packaging different products that requires replacing plates become an easy task that is now taking minutes instead of hours, and because of its simplicity, can be done by machine operator
    • Safety features includes- TDF-1650 has many safety features and sensors that will alert the user, and if necessary stop the machine until hazards are fixed
  • Affordable replacement parts and maintenance-
    • Generic parts available over the shelf - many parts used on our machine are available to purchase in your local warehouse store
    • Fast delivery and competitive pricing -for those parts that are unique to our machine, we offer very competitive pricing and fast delivery time
    • Easy access to maintenance & support- maintenance and support can be done over the phone, by mail and in house by Colimatic certified technician

Commercial automated tray sealing packer modified atmosphere equipment shelf life extending in Southern California

  • Complete stainless steel frame allows the machine to work in wet and wash down environments.
  • Large color touch screen control panel suitable for multiple tooling receipts
  • Rapid tool changeover design that allows quick change between tray sizes and product lines
  • High quality seals to prevent packages leakage
  • Easy maintenance of electric and pneumatic components that are clearly marked in enclosed safety cabinets
  • Extremely energy efficient utilizing brushless servo drives
  • Fast output rate with multiple lane production
  • Fully automated functionality
  • Ergonomic design features allows water to slide off of sensitive machine areas.  Large opening doors allow easy access to all machine parts with the operator in mind
  • Provides consistent package seals that you can depend on. Sealing time, pressure and temperature are all monitored and controlled, ensuring high-quality, hermetically sealed packages every time
  • Infeed conveyor adapted to tray features and to product loading process
  • Vacuum pump and gas flush injection systems (with reservoir gas tank for MAP)
  • Tooling die- supporting carriage for quick changeover
  • Tray de-nester / de-stacker
  • Other peripherals (dosing machines, labelling machines, O2 analyzer, metal detectors, Checkweighers, etc.)
  • Product positioning system at in-feed (diverter)
  • Tooling storage rack
  • Stainless steel or polycarbonate guarding
  • Range of output conveyors
  • Synchronization between auto loader and tray sealer
  • Booster vacuum pump
  • Bad package
    • Upper film end
  • Machine frame completely realized of stainless steel AISI 304
  • Sealing plate with coated areas
  • Sealing dies moving set with BRUSHLESS motor-reducer
  • Divergers shifting group with BRUSHLESS motor-reducer and toothed belt
  • Pushers opening / closing group with BRUSHLESS motor and ball circulating spheres / screws
  • Lower die-holder column group
  • Real-holder group with width centering setting, self- adjustable brake
  • Real unwinding group complete with motor-reducer, self- breaking and micro-switches for index regulation
  • Pneumatic plant with easy accessibility and maintenance electrical plant in stainless steel washable cabin, hermetically closed by protective gaskets.
  • Control panel with buttons positioned on the frontal part of the machine complete with lights for warning signals and for the following alarms:
    • Upper film end
    • Security for cover in sealing area
    • Security for cover in cutting area
    • Low temperature
  • Adjustable temperature to be set on control panel
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