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LG 110
industrial-automated-vacuum-sealing-packaging-machine-in-california LG 110
LG 110

Lg 110N, Lg 110NC & Logi 2000 N are Colimatic industrial vacuum chamber machines in California that can efficiently seal a variety of products from food and medical to industrial and consumer’s products. By removing the air they decrease oxygen levels from the bag and therefore can increase your product shelf life for most food products. Using sensors that are activated once the lid is closed, the sealer begin the sealing process by removing all air from the sealing chamber.  The amount of air and vacuum level inside the bag is set by the user. The entire process will take approximately 20 seconds depending on product size and texture.

  • Advantages
  • Hygiene
  • Features
  • Options
  • Technical Data
  • Professional look & cost saving

    • As you move-on from hand –held packaging to a more automated process, using our vacuum chamber machines will enhance your product packaging dramatically. You can now get consistent product size results that is sealed and vacuumed for longer shelf life. The sealing and vacuuming process, will also be translated to cost saving as manual work is replaced by semi-automated process, speeding-up the production, while saving on labor cost
  • Modern computerized and programmable features-
    • Touch screen control panel display -equipped with digital, programmable touch screen, this user friendly feature will allow the operator complete control over the operation of the Colimatic vacuum chamber
    • Multi-language support- allowing multi-language selections in all kind of characters
  • Flexible in usage –
    • Our vacuum chamber packaging machines are designed to accept wide variety of products (see specifications)
    • Versatile packaging- allow different sizes of products
  • Built to last for years to come with top performance and integrity- with its stainless frame, our vacuum chamber packaging machines rigid structure is designed to withstand harsh food production conditions, while consistently providing perfect packaging sealing results, for many years to come
  • User friendly, simple operation & safe to use-
    • Easy to operate- little to no operation involvement once the lid is closed and the cycle has started
  • Affordable replacement parts and maintenance-
    • Generic parts available off the shelf as many parts used on our machine are available to purchase in your local warehouse store
    • Prompt delivery and competitive pricing for parts that are unique to our machine
    • Easy access to maintenance & support- maintenance and support can be done over the phone, by mail and in house by Colimatic certified technician

Designed to withstand the ultimate sanitization requirements from the food and medical industries, Colimatic vacuum chamber machines are built with the following specific hygienic features:

  • Entire stainless steel structure with AISI 304 to prevent rust
  • Easy to wash
  • Unloading product belt made of antibacterial polyurethane for foodstuff

Industrial automated vacuum sealing packaging machine in California that have the following features:

  • Stainless steel structure (AISI 304)
  • Stainless steel chamber (AISI 304)
  • Pneumatic chamber closing
  • Pneumatic compression sealing system
  • Anterior sealing bar with double sealing, inferior (1000 mm usable)
  • Universal sealing for all kinds of products
  • Belt with pneumatic tensioning
  • Manual automatic and semi-automatic working cyclePLC system
  • Vacuum pump 200 m3/h standard
  • Programmable touch screen displaying working stages and alarm messages
  • Possibility to memorize up to 10 different working “recipes”
  • CE conformity declaration
  • Posterior sealing bar (usable 1000 mm, wheelbase 520 mm)
  • Interior bar and loading bar automatically adjustable on 2 positions with max Δ of 30 mm (Superior bar manually adjustable)
  • Knife excess cutting with drawer for scraps
  • Belt with splines to prevent cinching
  • Increased chamber (h.250, h300)
  • Inert gas injection in the package (just for NC type)
  • Gas flash
  • Different chamber depths and widths
  • Chamber lid with different heights
  • Electric chamber lid hub
  • Height-adjustable transport conveyors in the chamber
  • Additionally equipped with conveyor
  • Variable arrangement of the sealing bars
  • Wide range of sealing systems
  • Can be combined with shrinking and drying units
Chamber Dimensions 2000 N 2600 N 3000 N
Length 1.050 mm 1.350 mm 1.550
Width 1.250 mm
Height 210 /300
Machine Dimensions      
Length 2.950 mm 3.550 mm 3.950
Width 1.650 mm
Height 1.900 mm
Sealing bars Height 1.000    



Technical Details
Voltage 380V-50-60Hz Three-Phase
Consumption 5 KW
Compressed air 6 bar
Air consumption 30 nl/ciclo
Machine weight 520 kg
Chamber dimensions
Length 1050 mm
Width 710 mm
Height 210 / 300 mm



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