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Packaging Systems
  • Horizontal-thermoforming-form-fill-seal-roll-stock-machine THERA 650
    Thermoforming Machines

    Thermoforming Form Fill Seal TFFS, Horizontal Form-Fill-Seal (HFFS), Rollstock, for food and medical packaging with Modified Atmosphere (MAP).

  • Modified-atmosphere-packaging-tray-sealer-machines- MAP COLIMATIC  TDF 1650
    Tray Sealer Machines

    Tray Sealers that produce modified atmosphere packages (MAP) from preformed trays that can package fresh, refrigerated, or frozen food products at various output rates.

  • COLIMATIC vacuum-chamber-sealing-machines
    Vacuum Chamber Machines

    Industrial automated vacuum sealing packaging machine in California with shrink tank for longer food shelf life and for medical and industrial products.

  • Colimatic Customized Packaging Solutions
    Customized Packaging Solutions

    Fully integrated and custom designed lines for specialty food and medical device applications