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Colimatic horizontal form fill seal automatic packaging machine THERA 250

Our stainless steel, horizontal form fill seal packaging machine THERA 250 automated packaging machine, will efficiently and cost-effectively fulfill your packaging production needs; especially designed for low capacity production and for customers looking to add a first time automatic packaging machine into their facility.


  • Advantages
  • Hygiene
  • Features
  • Options
  • Technical Data
  • Modern Computerized and programmable features-
    • Touch screen control panel Display-equipped with digital, programmable touch screen on side of electric cabinet
    • Common and standard configurations- Index sizes of 200mm, 260mm and 300mm as standard
    • Multi Language Support- offers multi language selections in all kind of characters
    • Access protection with permission levels- allows up to 2 levels of access as standard
  • Flexible in usage –
    • Designed for flexible and Semi Rigid packaging - THERA 250 is designed to use flexible and semi-rigid packaging material
  • User friendly and safe to use-
    • Changing configurations from one product to another- changing configurations between products is done with a touch of a button on the touch screen
    • Replacing molds is easy on the THERA 250 as it is designed for one or two dedicated dies and tool sets
    • Easy access to seal plate- thanks to our unique heating system design in the sealing chamber seal plate changeover can be done with no need to touch or reassemble electrical components or wiring
    • Safety features included- THERA 250 has many safety features and sensors that will alert the operator, and if necessary stop the machine until hazards are fixed. An automated alarm is visually portrayed on HMI when faulted
  • Affordable replacement parts and maintenance-
    • Many parts available off the shelf - many parts used on our machines are available to purchase off the shelf in your local warehouse store or online
    • Fast delivery and competitive pricing -for those parts that are unique to our machine, we offer very competitive pricing and easy access to our online catalog
    • Easy access to maintenance & support- maintenance and support can be done over the phone, by mail and in house by a Colimatic certified technician if desired

Designed to withstand the ultimate sanitization requirements from the food and medical industries, Colimatic THERA 250 thermoforming machine is built with the following specific hygienic features:

  • Entire stainless steel structure with AISI 304 to prevent rust
  • Inclined surfaces and designed for water to drain during cleaning
  • Easy open side guards, allowing the inside of the machine to be easily accessed for maintenance and cleaning.
  • Design that repels the accumulation of contamination residue
  • Components with protection level – IP 65 as standard
  • Minimized use of internal wiring
  • Independent main electrical cabinet (moveable).
  • Wash-Down capabilities inside and out

THERA 250 is a horizontal form fill seal automatic packaging machine (also known as rollstock, thermoformer, thermoform fill-seal , form fill-seal  and blister packaging machine).

  • Constructed with mostly stainless steel frame and water resistance components, this horizontal Form Fill Seal  machine designed for packaging, food, non-food and medical products with up to 8 cycles per minutes depending on loading capabilities and packaging materials used.
  • The products can be manually loaded by two operators comfortably.
  • Stainless steel structure (AISI 304)

  • PLC system

  • Programmable touch screen displaying working stages and alarm messages.

  • Main frame length is fixed at approximately 10 feet.

  • Easy open side guards, allowing the inside of the machine to be cleaned.

To increase utilization and based on your specific product needs THERA 250 can be equipped with the following add-ons:

  • External vacuum pump by Busch
  • Coding and printing systems
  • Metal detectors and check weighing online or down stream.
  • Mobile arm for touch screen to allow users to swing from operator side to electrical and maintenance side.
  • Centralized lubrication for lifting mechanisms
  • Automated chain lubrication system
  • Automated chain lubrication system
  • Exit conveyor belt can be added to replace standard exit schute.

THERA 250 Technical Data Highlights

  • The uniquely designed frame of the Colimatic packaging machines, provides no wear of the 100% square/parallel guide side railing of the chain drive.  Each chain has individual chain tension adjustments.  The main chain drive is installed in front and positioned in the center of the driving shaft, providing equal side to side torque. The uniformed tension, of the threading of the forming material, by the unique “dancer arm brake method” provides better clipping of the chain grip for better alignments.
  • Heavy duty control panel with thick plates installed inside the cabinet to allow installation of any brackets of printers and other external operating devices.
  • Equipped with exit schute
  • Machine frames free of holes.  All components are riding on the top of the frame vs. connected to the sides.  Allowing quick adjustments for multiples indexes as well as various forming and sealing components.

  • Clearly marked electrical wiring which are designed for ease of maintenance or

THERA 250  
Bottom film width 320 mm
Top film width 300 mm
Max. pack dimension 300x300 mm
Max. depth 100 mm
Cycles/minute up to 8
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